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7 Landscaping Blunders and Ways to Avoid Them

Even though landscaping is a time consuming and labor intensive job, lots of ambitious homeowners still take big projects on all by themselves. And a lot of them quickly run into trouble because they underestimate the amount of work involved. Ideally, you do want to call in the help of reliable landscaping services as a way to ensure that your outdoor project flourishes.

Seeking the advice of an expert team is one of the ways to avoid many of the most common landscaping faux pas. Dont’s take the liberty to design in straight lines, although natural landscapes are rarely at right angles. Also, there’s a habit of investing money and time in the backyard and completely disregarding the front section.

This handy guide for the most common landscaping blunders (and their solutions) will help you to create a truly beautiful outdoor space.

Obsession with straight lines

You’d be surprised, as many amateur landscapers build in completely straight lines, and wonder why their garden doesn’t feel as welcoming as they expected. For a garden that makes you feel good, you need to get a little creative. Sure, patios and immaculately arranged decks look pretty, but they are cold and clinical without some curvier touches.

Forgetting the front yard

While you don’t have to work on every bit of green space all at once, don’t be one of those homeowners who start a landscaping project, then abandon it halfway through. This applies to the front garden as well as the back, if you have one. Top quality landscaping can increase the resale value of a home, but it needs to be comprehensive.

Landscaping for a moment in time

The best landscaping projects keep time in mind to create an outdoor space that is alive, and engaging. It is simply no good planting flowers, digging pathways, and installing water features if they are not sustainable. Your garden needs to be able to adapt and change with the seasons. This means incorporating flowers, easy to maintain fixtures, and materials that are going to improve with time.

Holding on to troublesome shrubs

It somehow seems a taboo to start cutting down old trees and shrubs, even if it is in order to make new ones. Yet, you can’t create your dream garden if there are obstacles in the way. Sometimes, it is more practical to get rid of overhanging trees, bushes that have gotten too big, and old flower beds that are more mush than magic. Just make sure that you replace them with something much better.

Devoting too much space to the turf

Truly remarkable landscaping doesn’t rely on grass for visual appeal. If it did, it wouldn’t be very interesting to look at. While turf is usually an essential feature, it should not be the only one. It needs to be enhanced with vibrant flowerbeds, textured shrubs, and small changes in surface. For instance, something as simple as adding bark chips to a flowerbed can introduce variety and please the eye.

Failing to take a real interest

Even if you are handing over responsibility to an expert landscaping team, you still need to offer some personal input as to what you want the space to look like. You can’t expect to receive your dream garden, if you have never told anybody what that means to you. The more of yourself that you put into the design, the more likely you are to fall in love with it.

Not using enough accessories

Amateur landscapers tend to focus too much on turf and not enough on things like planters, containers, lawn sculptures, and other accessories. Adding these features to your garden is not ‘cheating.’ They add dimension, texture, and interest. Great landscaping is all about variety and giving the eye plenty of stuff to feast on. So, get creative and go wild with colorful plant pots, lawn ornaments, and window baskets.

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