Adorne Pop-Out One Touch Electrical Outlet

Adorne Pop-Out Electric Outlet Reveals Electric Socket When Pushed Slightly

A lot of people find themselves in the emergency room seeking treatment for injuries caused by accidents involving electrical outlets. Most of these patients happen to be kids who stick their fingers or some metallic object into the outlet. An electric outlet that retracts into the wall can be a perfect solution to this problem.  Legrand‘s Adorne Pop-Out electric outlet is one of its kind wall outlets that give the user an option to protect kids from electric shock related injury.

Whenever you require an electric outlet (for charging your phone, vacuuming the room or anything else) you just need to slightly push the Adorne Pop-Out electric outlet and the electric socket will be revealed enabling easy power access. After you are done with your work, push it back to hide it in the wall to keep your little ones safe. The adorable finishes of this socket will transform your wall’s ordinary interior into something breathtaking.

This hideaway socket has the capacity to power three appliances. You can easily replace your existing socket and install the Adorne Pop-Out electric outlet in minutes without any need of new wires.

These can be easily customized with Adorne plates that are available in 32 color patterns in a  variety of luxurious materials. The Adorne Pop-Out electrical outlet can be yours for a price of $39.98. 

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