AUTUMN LEAF swing made from cast aluminum for both indoors, outdoors

Handmade by Spanish artisans from cast aluminum, the AUTUMN LEAF swing gives hammock and ancient swings a very novel definition. Most of us love basking outdoors in the garden on a hammock or a swing on a bright winter afternoon or love taking a nap on a late summer evening, but for many that nylon-knitted hammock isn’t the luxurious and comfortable swing they’d love to lie on. Thus, from them the €550 (approx.) AUTUMN LEAF swing is just the perfect thing they’d want. Designed with inspiration from falling leaves in autumn, the AUTUMN LEAF swing can be used both indoors and outdoors by adults and children alike to experience the tranquility of a child swing to and fro in a cradle.

The AUTUMN LEAF swing is a limited edition sculpture that weighs 5.5kgs and measures 60 x 37 x 20cms and is all weather proof. The AUTUMN LEAF swing is capable of supporting more than 200kg and ideally comes with 3.5 meter rope (to suspend) in any color (the size of the rope can be increased on order).

Via: Enessentia

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