Bio-Blaze Pipes

Bio-Blaze Pipes – Stainless steel fireplaces with low carbon features

Sheer class with dollops of high-end elegance – this in a nutshell defines the essence of the Bio-Blaze Pipes, a collection of fireplaces for both your outdoors and indoors. As the name suggests, this fireplace system uniquely comprises of stainless steel pipes which appear directly from the ground level. This structural bearing of the Bio-Blaze Pipes allows the user to install them without requiring much ground coverage, thus making the fireplace ideal for even smaller lofts and apartments.  The scope however is not only about the shimmering steel sculptures stylishly emerging from your living room’s floor or grandiosely bedecking your backyard. The conceptions in actuality are fueled by low carbon bio-ethanol. This makes them completely smokeless and odorless, along with pollution-free credentials. Moreover, according to sources, the fireplaces are pretty easy to install with wall mounting features. Of course, one can also go the conventional way and just place them upright on the floor.

Bio-Blaze Pipes

Bio-Blaze Pipes

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