Centrifugal Turkey cooking machine Colin Furze

Centrifugal Turkey cooking machine spins meat for perfect Xmas dinner

Do you constantly keep looking for different turkey recipes for holiday feast, but the issue of dry Turkey always remains the same? Not anymore, as madcap inventor Colin Furze has come up with a great way to cook perfect Xmas Turkey. All thanks to his latest invention, DIY Centrifugal Turkey cooking machine, Furze has brilliantly managed to solve the issue of dry meat.

The machine is integrated with water-infused spinning method to penetrate water evenly into the meat. Due to pulley system and central rod with holes (on which turkey is fixed for spinning), the moisture level of the meat is enhanced. The centrifugation method also reduces the amount of time to submerge turkey in water.

Besides that, Furze has even boiled some vegetables within remaining sections of the machine. After spinning for a while, evenly cooked, moist meat is ready for dinner along with some veggies. The presentation doesn’t look much appealing, but you’ll surely get perfectly cooked meat without any dry parts.

If you’re worried about presentation, then in the video given below, professional chef Jamie Oliver has tested the machine himself. Moreover, he even demonstrated how you can use the same machine for cooking delicious Christmas Turkey.

Got a creative drive like Colin Furze? If yes, then you can try making the machine yourself and prepare tasty recipes on different occasions. Check out another video, in which the crazy inventor has given full instructions on how the machine was built.

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