Chaise Renversée by Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Chaise Renversée Workstation Becomes a Lounger on Overturning

It’s quite difficult to maintain a home office, as it requires furniture units like a desk for working and probably a lounger for relaxing when you want to rest after work. However, French designer and architect Pierre-Louis Gerlier has combined both these furniture pieces in one unit dubbed the Chaise Renversée (meaning ‘reverse chair’). It is basically a unique workstation that becomes a lounger/chair or simply a coffee table on reversing its sides.

The furniture piece is made entirely of wood along with a zig-zag base that is lined with reddish cushioning on one side. Thus, it forms a desk on one side and a sofa on the other. According to your current activity, it can be changed into adaptable positions. For instance, you can turn it to the desk position when you want to use your laptop and on the lounger mode for reading, playing video games or simply relaxing.

It is a brilliant way to blend office as well as home furniture in one unit without any cluttering space in your home or office. Moreover, it is also available in small size for children to work and play in their toddler.

Currently, the project is hoping to raise €11,000 (approx. US $13,373) on KissKissBankBank for bringing this idea to the market.

Check out the video and images given below to find out more about the desk-cum-lounger.

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Chaise Renversée by Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Workstation position of the Chaise Renversée for office work

Chaise Renversée by Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Can be turned into a lounger simply by reversing its side

Chaise Renversée by Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Zig-zag red cushioned base of the table

Chaise Renversée by Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Comfortable lounger with contrasting line of cushions

Source: PierreLouisGerlier

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