Library Wallpaper by Mr Perswall

Create a faux library in any room with Library Wallpaper by Mr Perswall

Library Wallpaper by Mr Perswall

A library is a stately addition to any home, but people living in a small apartment can only dream of having a separate room for a library. However, they can obviously consider applying a library look-alike wallpaper and make even their living room look like a well maintained library. Mr Perswall, a British company known for creating bespoke photo wallpapers, brings you the Library Wallpaper that can make any of your rooms repleted with the beauty of an expansive library, without having to pay for a real collection of so many books.

Library Wallpaper by Mr Perswall

The Library Wallpaper design is beautifully patterned with great details and color, and is designed to give a realistic appearance of deep shelves filled with books. This wallpaper is available in color version as well as grayscale and will cost you around $42 per square meter. So, if you want to adorn walls of your room with greatest collection of books then, install a library wallpaper in your room and cultivate your image as a well read intellectual on your guests.



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