Crochet Washbasin

Crochet Washbasin unites traditional knitting skills with Portuguese design

Maison Valentina, a leading company in the field of luxury bathrooms and fittings aims to bring a concept of luxury and opulence in your bathroom with its latest Crochet Washbasin. A distinct and timeless piece, the washbasin beautifully re-interprets the art of knitting in bathroom furniture.

Highlighting the beauty of age-old traditional knitting methods, the company cleverly unites crochet technique with Portuguese furniture design, giving luxurious bathroom accessories a new name and meaning. Inspired by popular artisan method of Europe during the 19th century, the Crochet Washbasin is a meticulously handcrafted piece that emanate a powerful presence in a bathroom.

Built with great attention to subtle details and proportions, the washbasin measuring 160 x 60 x 85 cm is a practical and decorative bathroom accessory that not only has its own unique identity, but will give your bathroom a fresh feel too. Made from glossy lacquer with brass details , the top of the washbasin is made from Estremoz marble, while the four legs are made of polished brass.

Designed to bring an epitome of luxury in your bathroom, the Crochet Bathroom by Maison Valentina has its own elegance that creates  a sophisticated ambiance and will give user a sense of pride. Currently, there are no words on the price of this exclusive piece, but one can request for the same on company’s website.

Crochet Washbasin

Crochet Washbasin reinterpretats the traditional crochet techniques into modern bathroom furniture

Crochet Washbasin

This distinct and timeless washbasin will give bathroom a unique presence

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