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DIY High-end Gaming Table

DIY gaming table conceals 40-inch HDTV to display Roll20 sessions

Nowadays people are building their own furnishings that double as gaming systems. This provides them a convenient solution to convert a limited space into playful rec-room anytime they desire. Similarly, BoardGameGeek forum member Bum Kim has recently created one high-end gaming table that also becomes a dining table or a coffee table, when the user is not playing.

Tired of moving his TV on and off the old gaming table, Bum has decided to build more user-friendly game table. So, he built this amazing 4 x 4-feet game table that’s clad in highly-polished wood, along with removable wooden planks on its tabletop. On pulling out these detachable panels, a 40-inch flat screen HDTV is revealed to project Roll20, a suite of online digital gaming tools, including a sophisticated mapping system.

Instead of making pull out desks for writing, Bum has cleverly made the table’s borders spacious enough to write on and also to store accessories like TV remote, pen, pencils, etc. Moreover, the table also has power outlets and a bottle opener. This means the user will get everything at one place without having to shift things every now or then.

The end result is a stunning table that features several layers for different games, along with a screen built into it for maps. Bum has spent around $250 on all the materials (except the TV), but you can get it down to $150 by removing optional parts such as the outlets. So if you’re interested in creating an identical DIY gaming table, you may follow his detailed instructions in the video (below) and his thread on BoardGameGeek.

DIY High-end Gaming Table

The removable wooden planks hide a 40-inch HDTV

DIY High-end Gaming Table

On pulling out these wood panels, a flat screen HDTV is revealed to play your game

DIY High-end Gaming Table

Borders of the table has ample storage units

DIY High-end Gaming Table

Additional power outlets

DIY High-end Gaming Table

Old gaming tabletop

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