Even though Halloween is days away, I feel the time is running out for us to finalize all the preparations, including decorating homes with garlands. Talking of garlands, you can either buy these not-so-fancy items from online stores or make them at home on your own. Whether you are a college student or a homemaker, these easy DIY Halloween garlands will surely make your house look festive-ready and save you a lot of money, which you might have otherwise spent on less inspiring off-the-shelf garlands.

Paper Bat Garland

Image: Rishik Sharma/ Homecrux

I will be starting the list with a Halloween bat garland. A DIY bat garland will be a wonderful addition to your Halloween house party and would intrigue kids for sure. To make such DIY bat garlands, you would require a black card stock alongside other accessories. Once crafted, it can placed on your front door, strung on your walls, or anywhere you prefer.

Tutorial: Homecrux

Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Image: Rishik Sharma/ Homecrux

Yarn pumpkin garland is one of the easiest DIY crafts for Halloween decoration. Easy to make, the garland not only elevates the overall look of the wall but also adds aesthetics to the home. For the DIY process, you’d require orange yarn, green yarn, and crochet (optional). Once ready the yarn pumpkin garland is ready to adorn your home during the festive season this fall.

Tutorial: Homecrux

DIY Bat String Light Garland

Image: Bright Women

Continuing with bat garlands, another beautiful entry making the list is a DIY bat string light garland. If you plan on decorating your house with a lighted bat, this is a picture-perfect DIY you should be looking forward to. It not only adds a batty element to your house but also lights up your home at the same time. You would require a white card stock, a bat template, and a string light to complete the project. The next step will include you to print bat templates and cutting out those bat shapes to insert bat lights in them.

Tutorial: Bright Women

Mini Ghost Halloween Garland

Image: Curbly

Moving aside from bats, it’s time to add ghosts to the party. Use a cheesecloth, plastic golf balls, and some hot glue to craft cute-looking ghosts that can be strung anywhere from the entrance to the living.

Tutorial: Curbly

Beware Halloween Garland

Image: Uncommon Designs

‘Happy Halloween, BOO, Spooky’ are some of the more common banner garlands used during Halloween. However, if you plan on being a little different from your neighbors, try ‘Beware’ Halloween garland this festive season. Chipboard letters, paper doilies, black glitter, black acrylic paint, and glue are some common items you’d be required to make in this DIY. In my personal opinion this would suit your fireplace and can even be placed on any door you please.

Tutorial: Uncommon Designs

Paper Cup Halloween Garland

Image: Homecrux/ Rishik Sharma

Jazz up your Halloween mantle with a paper cup Halloween garland that is super easy to make and even easier to place. All you need to do is collect some disposable cups and glue a pair of googly eyes onto the side of a mini paper cup. The next step would require you to punch a small hole in the bottom of the cup to make it easy to hang string lights in between them.

Tutorial: Homecrux

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Sugar Skull Garland

Image: Create Craft Love

Skulls constitute a major part of our Halloween decoration. We have already discussed multiple ways to display skulls and skeletons on Halloween and now I’ll be briefing you on how one can make a spooky skull garland. It would require you to use paper plates, ribbons, and other stationary items like a ruler, scissors, and glitter to make a skull garland that you can hang anywhere you want.

Tutorial: Create Craft Love 

Candy Corn Garland

Image: Festive Fetti

Kids absolutely love candy corn and I am pretty sure they would like a self-made candy corn garland too. Hand them yellow and orange paper doilies, and a few stationary items and let their creativity flourish next. You should guide them with steps like punching and stringing a thread through the paper and let them do the rest. It will be great if candy corn garland is made to hang on their room doors.

Tutorial: Festive Fetti

A Pumpkin and Bat Garland

Image: Pjs and Paint

Well, you can’t literally string a pumpkin around your wall, but what you can do is try some paper pumpkin art. A pumpkin and bat garland is easy to make. You’d require orange and black construction paper and cut it using scissors to make bat and pumpkin shapes and decorate your room by stringing them up as a garland.

Tutorial: Pjs and Paint

Spider Paper Garland Cutouts

Image: one little project

Whether you have tried it in the past or not but DIY spider garland won’t be a bad idea for this Halloween. The process is simple. You can make shapes or you can draw them freehand. All you need is some colored construction paper, a pair of scissors, and some tape, you’re ready to rock.

Tutorial: One Little Project

Black Cat Garland

Image: Say Yes

We have talked a lot about bats, now it’s time we bring cats to the fore. Cats just like bats are associated with evil and cat cutouts serve as a perfect Halloween decoration. The cat garlands can be made using precut cat faces, straws, scissors, tape, and craft glue. You need to cut the straws in third glue it as whiskers on cat faces and finally thread the string to hang it around the house.

Tutorial: Say Yes


Atish Sharma is a seasoned journalist, theatre director and PR specialist based in Shimla, India. He boasts over eight years of experience in print, electronic, and digital media, and has played pivotal roles as a field journalist at Hindustan Times. When not weaving a web of words at Homecrux or scouring new tiny houses, you'll discover him immersed in cinema, savouring cult classics, interviewing production designers or embarking on a quest for existential truths, far beyond his fantasy of being a cowboy who never rode a horse.

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