Dog Feeding Station

Dog Feeding Station: A DIY product created by recycling old wooden chairs

Dog Feeding Station

Today, we all are aware about the importance of recycling and how it benefits the environment. To start with recycling you are not required to go to any other place. You can start it at home by making use of your old and obsolete products and creating something new from it. Just like this Dog Feeding Station made by recycling old wooden chairs. These elevated dog bowl chairs were a DIY project made by the husband-wife duo Jaques and Matt based in Knoxville, Tennessee. They utilized two of the four wooden chairs given to them by their friends to create the elevated Dog Feeding Station for their big Dalmatian to keep him from stretching his neck to get to his food. Read on further to take a look at the DIY steps for making this feeding bowl.

#Step 1. Before starting with the cutting process, sand down the chair and remove any oils that might prevent you from staining the chair.

#Step 2. Draw a circle on the chair with the circumference equal to the circumference of the feeding bowl.

#Step 3. Again draw a second circle just inside the first one, which would be the cutting circle. The tiny space between the two circles will create a lip for the bowl to rest on.

#Step 4. Using a jigsaw, drill the inner circle carefully.

#Step 5. After being sure the drilled hole is the proper size, sand down the rough edges caused by the drilling action.

#Step 6. Insert the feeding bowls and your Dog Feeding Station is ready to use.

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