Enjoy BBQ Anywhere, Anytime with Spare Tire BBQ Grate

When it comes to going out for camping adventure, we already have our camping gear and other stuff to carry along, leaving no space for an extra grilling grate in the car. Front Runner addressed this problem and created spare tire BBQ grate as a dual utility solution. The spare tire BBQ grate is specially designed to save space and fit perfectly over a car’s spare tire of any wheel sizes – i.e. 29-inches to 37-inches.

The collapsible BBQ grate is built from high-quality stainless steel and stands on three solid steel constructed legs. It comes with both grill and griddle sections which double the cooking options for grilling or simply cooking your food. The grate can easily be popped out of a spare tire whenever you want to enjoy a meal, and after cooking one can place it back.

Front runner spare tire BBQ grate is a must-have accessory for camping enthusiasts and can be carried along every time one plans to go out for a road trip or camping. It can be purchased online at Front Runner online store for $144. and also on Amazon.

Previously, we came across the Artistic Grillo BBQ by FormAxiom, which can be opened or closed like an umbrella. But, Spare Tire BBQ grate is something that doesn’t take any extra space in your car, so this one definitely is a preferable item for gear junkies.

Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ

Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ

Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ

Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ

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