Filtration Block uses common shrubs to purify air indoors

Who doesn’t dream of a clean, germless home, while people spends thousands of dollars in the wake of cleaning up their abodes, for all wise futuristic consumers here is the Filtration Block – a wall hanging modular unit that cleans up the air. Designed by Elaine Tong as a research project from Responsive Architecture at Daniels (RAD) at the Toronto University, the Filtration Block does away with mechanical filters that we are all sick of at home and replaces them with natural flowers.

Just place the flowers inside the Block and they act as indoor air filters to provide you fresh air, this because the plants’ roots are very effective in observing indoor chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. The Filtration Block based on the water misting Weaire-Phelan structure for better exposure to light and self delivery of water thus benefit from the chemical observing trait of common plants. Welcome the fresh green air with open lungs!


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