Floating formply bookshelves keep your novels in pristine condition

Don’t have enough space to keep your books in a small apartment? Why don’t you make yourself a DIY floating formply bookshelves like Imgur user [grunef]? No matter you live in a limited-space apartment or a large house, these bookshelves can surely keep your precious novels on display and in pristine condition.

With these minimalist floating shelves, you can proudly show off your bunch of classics without occupying much space in your living room or any other room in your house. To make these units, the DIYer has used a single sheet of 30mm x 1200mm x 2400mm white faced plywood.

The very first step for the construction was to cut flatboards in appropriate sizes and later plywood sheets were fixed on them. On the wall, wooden planks were attached using threaded rods. After lots of drilling and using other tools, these shelves have been slid onto the threaded rods without using any adhesive.

Once all the shelves were attached, the edges were sanded and finished with a coat of oil for extra smooth and shining texture. Then, the user has carefully arranged his entire book collection on these shelves, creating a custom design on the wall with books. If you’re interested in making similar DIY bookshelves at your home, you may follow the step-by-step instructions given on Imgur.


DIYer working on the shelves


First step is to cut flatboards


Threaded rods are used to support the shelves


Shelves are slid on the threaded rods


Bookshelves are coated with oil for smooth finishing

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