GE's French Door Refrigerator

GE’s French Door Refrigerator is also capable of dispensing hot water

GE's French Door Refrigerator

Refrigerators are used to cool things right? Wrong! GE (the world’s ‘third largest company’) has unveiled their French Door Refrigerator, which is touted to have a full fledged hot water dispenser. Introduced as a part of the company’s Café series for home appliances, the hot water dispenser is located along the fridge’s door. This makes it easy to access, and also eschews all those paraphernalia of boiling kettles and pans. In simpler terms, no more stoves and micro-wave ovens for just one cup of hot tea or coffee!

GE's French Door Refrigerator

However, the scope doesn’t just stop with the refrigerator dispensing your precious hot water. The mechanism also has four separate temperature settings, by which you can ‘fine tune’ the hotness of the water (by just turning the front end knobs). Moreover, the system is integrated with an advanced filtering system which is verified to remove 98 percent of five trace pharmaceuticals (like ibuprofen and progesteronefrom water and ice. So, in essence, the French Door Refrigerator is not only about convenience of functions but also about the crucial safety of our health.

GE's French Door Refrigerator

Capacity (of the dispenser) – 10 ounce per usage

Price – $3,099 (for details, check this link).

Via: GEAppliances

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