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GlammFire Introduces First Velvet Fireplace to add Warmth and Style to Your Room

There are instances when your friends, family, or close acquaintances cannot enter the depths of your soul but a fireplace can. Usually placed in the epicenter of the room, the fireplaces are often be associated with warmth and calmness. Easy to maintain and not requiring a chimney installation, the decorative fireplaces are in demand and Glammfire is the leading representative.

Introducing some of the coziest fireplaces to the world previously, Glammfire has now introduced the world’s first-ever velvet edition fireplaces which are distinctive and elegant in style. Velvet finishing is something that has not been seen before. Known for its smoothness, elegance, and comfort, the finish looks absolutely chic.

GlammFire’s Velvet edition is a result of the brand’s instinct to present unique and innovative designs. “The fireplaces dressed up in velvet will give even more splendor and refinement to the spaces,” says Marcelo Inacio, CEO of GlammFire. He further reflected on how with the use of velvet the brand wants to give more stage to one of the five senses: the touch.

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Beyond the usual thermal comfort, the fireplace also adds great value to the décor and easily blends with the home interior. The fireplace is limited to nine models: Thales, Archimedes, Pythagoras, Eudoxus, Mileto, Perola Plus, Urban, Contour and Contour 13. We don’t know much about the functionality but you can inquire about GlammFire’s Velvet edition through their official website.

GlammFire Velvet Fireplace

Image: GlammFire

Glammfire Velvet Edition Fireplace_111

Image: GlammFire

Glammfire Velvet Edition Fireplace_5451

Image: GlammFire

Glammfire Velvet Edition Fireplace

Image: GlammFire

GlammFire Fireplace

Image: GlammFire

GlammFire Fireplace_1

Image: GlammFire

GlammFire Fireplace_2

Image: GlammFire

GlammFire Fireplace_3

Image: GlammFire

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