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High Camp Teardrop Trailer

Glossy High Camp trailer inspired by mobile homes from 50s

Minimalist and fully-equipped trailer is any road tripper’s dream. The High Camp trailer is one such mobile home that provides lightweight towing and other essential components for comfortable stay outdoors. Design of this teardrop trailer is inspired by 50s’ motorhomes; however its shiny aluminum exterior gives it a contemporary touch.

Glistening aluminum shell wraps around inviting and warm birchwood interior to mix both classic and modern styles. Measuring 3.7 x 2.1 x 1.7-meters, the trailer has plenty of space to fit three-burner cooktop and Coleman stainless steel cooler. Both of these units can be accessed easily using slide-out hardware.

Apart from cooking area, it also includes queen-size bed and ample storage space to keep all your stuff and hiking gear safely. It can also be installed with solar charging package, battery monitor and cozy mattress for a comfortable snooze. You can easily tow it behind your car or truck to have ultimate outdoor camping experience, sleeping under the stars.

High Camp Teardrop Trailer

Design of the trailer is inspired by motor homes from 50s

High Camp Teardrop Trailer

Glistening aluminum shell covered the wooden trailer

High Camp Teardrop Trailer

Interior is made from brichwood to provide cozy environment

High Camp Teardrop Trailer

Coleman stainless steel cooler and kitchenettes are stored at the back

Three-burner cooktop

Three-burner cooktop

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