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24-karat Gold Skull Armchair

Harow gives 24-karat gold makeover to its Skull Lounge Armchair

Remember the gothic Skull Armchair by Harow, which we featured on Homecrux? Well, after three years the French design company has given golden makeover to the same skull-shaped armchair. The new luxury Skull Lounge Armchair is gilded with 24-karat gold, adding aesthetics and luxury elements to the extravagant piece of furniture.

It is one of the most opulent armchairs on the market, featuring geometric casting of a skull on the back that’s made entirely out of 24-karat gold. Internal frame of the armchair is built from steel, whereas the encasing is fabricated out of reinforced fiberglass. The complete structure is handmade and handcrafted in Paris with fine craftsmanship, adding more value to its extravagance.

The idea of 24-karat gold furniture itself is very exciting; however the devilish skull structure enhances its visual appeal. Besides gold-plating, the seating area is also covered with precious fabrics for extra comfort and enticing contrast. This relaxing armchair would make an extravagant centerpiece for any contemporary home or office.

If you feel like the king/queen of your own world, then this is perfect luxe furniture for you. But just like any royal king or queen, you need to shell out hefty amount of about $500,000 on a single Gold Skull Armchair.

24-karat Gold Skull Armchair

The skull-shaped armchair is made from 24-karat gold

24-karat Gold Skull Armchair

The opulent fabric materials make it comfortable and relaxing furniture piece

24-karat Gold Skull Armchair

The structure of the armchair is handmade and handcrafted in Paris

24-karat Gold Skull Armchair

The seat is also covered with precious fabrics

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