Treehouse Tower in Bainbridge

Incredible Treehouse Tower in Belize is made from old ship’s pieces

Do you have plans of leaving the technology dominated world for few days, and spend a calming getaway in the wilderness with your loved ones? If you do have, then there is an exceptional offer for you that will absolutely make your getaway perfect and memorable for your family.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Oscar winning environmentalist is thinking of opening an eco-friendly vacation resort in Belize for families and couples who are looking for a quiet place to spend some personal time together in an island that offers scenic views of blue sea around and wilderness. Well, he has found that luxury resort on Bainbridge Island in Belize, Washington. Known as Treehouse Tower, the dwelling is built on 3,118-square-feet land made from cedar wood, metal glass, stone and marble.

The five-storey treehouse tower is actually a house of resort’s architect, Jason McLennan. The architect speaks about the home and the view resort offers to its guest;

It really spoke to me. It’s really connected to the environment around it. It has great views, great light and it has all these different levels. You can really find a space that fits your mood.

The incredible resort with the airy living room, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, kitchen, 7,840-square-feet patio and pond on a deck is surrounded by 200-foot-tall cedar and other trees, and it uses reclaimed wood as its base. The house was first built in 1978 by a different architect, who uses an old ship’s broken material to deck its exterior. The windows are made of ship portholes, while the doorknobs are made of brass, which was saved from an old sailing vessel.

This splendid luxury resort is offering all important amenities for a comfortable living; even on an isolated island is currently selling for $875,000 USD.

Treehouse Tower in Belize

Treehouse Tower in Belize

Treehouse Tower in Belize on Bainbridge Island

Resort is situated amid green trees

Treehouse Tower's yard in Bainbridge

Yard of the resort

Treehouse Tower fireplace in Bainbridge

Fireplace in yard

Treehouse Tower outdoor pond

The pond outside

Round deck on second floor of Treehouse Tower

Round deck on second floor

Treehouse Tower's patio

Enjoy scenic views of surrounding sitting on the patio outside

Treehouse Tower on Bainbridge Island in Belize, Washington

Enjoy the seafront view

Treehouse Tower bedroom

Bedroom of the resort

Treehouse Tower interior

Enjoy coffee sitting in the corner

Treehouse Tower kitchen

Kitchen of the house

kitchen of the Treehouse Tower

Modern kitchen

Dining table Treehouse Tower

Dining table


living room Treehouse Tower

Airy living room

Living room area

Treehouse Tower interior

Treehouse Tower interiors

Treehouse Tower interior

Swanky interiors of the house

Treehouse Tower laundry area

Laundry area

Treehouse Tower bathroom

Bathroom of the house

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