Inflatable tube-light lamp by Ingo Maurer

Amongst all the innovative designs, a new and amusing lighting design “Blow Me Up”, became the attraction of Milan Design Week 2017. The idea is conceived by a young German designer Theo Mӧller, and brought to life with the help of famous lamp maker Ingo Maurer.

The inflatable air hose of this lamp is a flexible and movable light tube, made of sophisticated mixture that can be weld easily and doesn’t let the air go through it. The LED light tube can be rolled up in a small can and pack and unpacked very effortlessly. It comes with a pump, driver and hooks or nylon chords, so that you can blow it up and hang or put it anywhere you want.

Basically, it can be used as a hanging, floor-standing or wall mounted lamp
An integrated 30W LED Strip works in the range of 110-240 volts, and you can turn it On or Off with a sensor switch. The Blow Me Up lamp can be used inside and outside spaces like; living areas, study rooms, gardens, backyards and can also be carried along in your car or camper van.

The plastic hose, however, should be treated more carefully than camping equipment because above all it’s neither a swimming noodle nor a laser sword.

Ingo Maurer & Team.

Although there is no word on the pricing or availability, we can expect it to be revealed in coming months. However, the designer has confirmed that the inflatable light tube is expected to be available by autumn season this year.

Center of attraction in Milan Design week

Plastic light hose lamp with Nylon chords

‘Blow me Up’ Inflatable lighting, designed  by Theo Moller

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