Ings Luxury Cat Hotel offers five-star facility to felines

If you have cats as pet, it’s evident you remain worried about their safety and comfort when you are out on a vacation. If you think that when you go away on holiday, your pet should have a better break than you, then Ings Luxury Cat Hotel in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, is where you should leave your felines. This ultimate escape for cats isn’t only for the pets of the affluent, but should be affordable for most at £15 (approx. $25) a night. The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel comprises of 12 custom themed suites, all individually designed to keep the cats amused. The rooms are fitted with large plasma TVS showing fish tanks and bird scenes.

In stunning indoor designer suites of the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, created by 43-year-old cat lover Jo Ounsley, the cats receive massages, a la Carte menu, and bedtime stories in front of virtual log fires. While your cats get pampered and have fun, you can remain updated on the progress of your precious pets via emails and postcards.

Via: Metro

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