Innerspace Sycamore Tree pod by Melle Koot

Innerspace Sycamore Tree Pod with Lights by Melle Koot

Remember the Make-a-new Collection by Melle Koot – Yes, the table with nuts and bolts that could be transformed into chair or bookshelf? After the popularity of Make-a-new Collection, here’s the one of a kind Innerspace – a hollow Sycamore Tree pod with lights by Melle Koot. We’ve seen all types of cocoons including the Cocoon Tree and all types of pods to sleep both inside and outside the home. While they have impressed us to the core, the Innerspace too matches the aura to the fullest. Crafted out of real Sycamore tree bark the 190 x 210 cm (approx 6 x 7-feet) Sycamore tree pod is good to house one or two people comfortably.

The hollow Sycamore tree pod measures 120 x 150 cm (approx. 4 x 5-feet) from within and is about 270cm (about 9 feet). You can place the tree pod just about in any location you like and have a wonderful night out with your wife or girlfriend.

The price isn’t available for Innerspace, though you can request the price from Melle Koot’s official website if you like.

Innerspace Sycamore Tree pod by Melle Koot

Innerspace Sycamore Tree pod by Melle Koot

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