Bee9 Tablet Desk

Innovative Bee9 Tablet Desk combines efficient storage and work space

Bee9 Tablet Desk

If your were looking for a table that’s simple to use and really adaptable, your search can end with the Bee9 Tablet Desk 2.0, which is designed primarily to redefine where you can put a table. The Bee9 Tablet Desk handmade in solid birch plywood has a really innovative tablet sliding system which adapts to the needs of the user, effectively. The deftly designed tablet hides a spree of modular and space saving features. The Bee9 Tablet Desk includes drawers, storage shelves, drop leaves and also functions as a side table. The idea behind the design is that you pull out the leaves and planks to from a work desk. How chic?

So, if you have a small studio apartment, or you don’t have enough space to set aside a whole room for a office at home, the Bee9 Tablet Desk is an outright solution. This dual purpose table will flip out extra surface with support from magnetized wooden legs in a jiffy, and will fold back into a side table effortlessly. Priced at around £500 (approx. $825), the table features a cord management system, and it gets its name the Tablet Desk because it comes with a slot to dock your tablet and iMac at a good working angle. Hit the jump to see the making for Bee9 Tablet Desk.

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