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iViTi ON LED Light Bulb

iViTi ON LED bulb doesn’t leave you in dark even during power cut

We’ve seen many smart light bulbs so far, but all of them stop working when main power goes off and leaves us searching nearby flashlights. UK-based lighting manufacturer iViTi Lighting Ltd. has solved the problem with their latest iViTi ON LED bulb. The light bulb uses a battery to keep itself on so that you can see clearly during an outage.

It is designed with standard light bulb and screw base layout, but incorporates an internal battery that stores juice to remain lit up during power cut. This means as soon as the bulb stops receiving wired electricity, it will immediately switch over to the battery mode for providing an extra three hours of light without any hindrance. When the main power is back, the built-in battery will start recharging itself for the next outage.

Moreover, the LED bulb is smart enough to tell the difference between switching the light off and an actual power cut, leaving you completely worry free. Sadly, the iViTi ON bulbs are not available in the market yet. As the bulbs are still under trail phase, where 8W bulbs are distributed to over 50 customers and will be reviewed after their feedback. Hopefully, this revolutionary smart light fixture will be available commercially soon, eliminating nearly all electrical failure woes.

Credit: Bizled

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