Keplero is outdoor lamp that doubles as a seat


Most common outdoor lighting units we’ve seen or used are lamp posts or spots. Additionally, camping and emergency light units come handy too. For Christmas this year, you don’t need to stick to the mundane lighting fixtures, you can take home new form of outdoor lamp (if you’re planning a party in the backyard). Dubbed the Keplero by Il Fanale Group, this is an outdoor lamp, which very ably combines prowess of new materials and has a cool geometric architecture.

Featuring finely split wooden panels that cut through to intersect with the main circular structure of the outdoor lamp. The Keplore is actually made from iron, plexiglass and is treated with thermo ash. Keplore is a multifunctional fixture designed to for dual functions – it is an outdoor lamp that doubles as a stool for you to sit on. Not sure if sitting triggers the light on or off, but it could be an addition feature.


Via: Torremato

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