CamToy Laika Pet Monitor and Feeder - CES 2019

Laika Pet Monitor Feeds and Plays with Your Dog When You’re Away

The pet surveillance market is dominated majorly by pet monitor cameras or interactive monitors which let you talk with your furry friend. Some of them even feed your pet at set intervals of time. Now, a new kind of pet monitor has been spotted at CES 2019 which adds an element fun too.

French company CamToy has come up with a pet monitor dubbed Laika which behaves like a companion for your pooch. It rolls around, follows your dog and even gives treats from time to time. This way your pet is entertained fully even when you are not at home.

Laika pet monitor can be set on automatic self-running mode or the user can control the movement remotely from anywhere with the companion app. There are onboard cameras which let you keep an eye on your pet and you can toss treat(s) using the app’s interface.

There’s a barking mode too which sends you a notification if your dog is in distress. If the need arises, you can interact with the pooch in live recording mode.

So, in a way this pet accessory is a monitor, play buddy and automatic dog feeder all-in-one. 

Laika can be pre-ordered via Indiegogo for $325 as an introductory price.

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