Lifty Loo

Lifty Loo: Anti-Microbial Toilet Seat Handle to Lift and Lower the Seat

Lifty Loo is a convenient anti-microbial toilet seat handle that’s designed to encourage users to conveniently lift and lower a toilet seat.

Created by Adam Zloto, Lifty Loo is a hygienic solution that can be attached to the seat with its adhesive surface to make the daily task easier for most of us. 

While we are all aware of when to raise and lower the toilet seat, most of us find it unhygienic to indulge in the messy chore. That’s why we either end up leaving the seat in a complete mess or prefer to leave it up. But with the help of this tiny toilet accessory, following the vicious everyday cycle will be history.

How does it work?

You simply have to peel the adhesive strip off the Lifty Loo, stick it to the seat and lift it. A single piece will remain semi-permanently fixed to your seat. It will not damage plastic or wood surface of the seat when you need to remove it.


From in-house bathroom to public restrooms, Lifty Loo is a sanitary toilet accessory for users to lift and lower the seat, it’s more hygienic and a win-win situation for everyone.

If you don’t like lifting the public toilet seats with your hand, this tiny accessory is durable enough to lift it with your foot.

Interestingly, the toilet seat handle uses silver ion technology to kill bacteria by 99%, making it more sanitary than the seat itself. Moreover, it can even withstand a rugged environment all thanks to its durability and ease of use.


A Kickstarter campaign is underway to generate funds to help the accessory see the light of the day. Make your own super early bird pledge of $7 and have a pair of Lifty Loos shipped to you in September 2019.

Check out the demonstration video below to find out more about this tiny toilet accessory.

Lifty Loo

Image: Kickstarter

Lifty Loo

Image: Kickstarter

Lifty Loo

Image: Kickstarter

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