Magico S1 loudspeaker priced at US $12,600 are classy and cheap

When we talk of loudspeaker systems for your home Magico is one premium brand you always crave for. Making their products even more affordable, they have come up with the new S1 loudspeaker which will ship in the last quarter of this year for a price tag of US $12,600 a pair. It is a legacy of the first ever loudspeaker called Mini which was released in 2004 which in a way upped the ante in the market for two driver speakers in a sealed enclosure. At this high price which however is the lowest for a floor standing loudspeaker by Magico the stylish round cabinet has monocoque 3/8-inch thick and 12-inch diameter extruded aluminum enclosure for minimizing diffraction, internal resonance and damping.

The loudspeaker uses the seven-inch Magico Nano-Tec midbassdriver with a one-inch beryllium tweeter which has under-hung motor system with a pure titanium voice coil-former and low distortion. Talking about the technical aspects of Magico S1 has 86dB sensitivity, four ohms impedance and frequency response of 32Hz-50Hz having 50 watt amp power. The speaker is available in Magico’s new M-Coat paint finish which is complementary to the whole design and surely these loudspeakers are a class apart.

Via: AudioFi

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