A Wooden Table That can be Turned into a Bookshelf or Chair

No matter the type of house, there is nothing that can fit into a home better than a piece of furniture that can be organized in a manner a person wants. Such is a case with Make-a-new-Collection, an ultimate wooden table design, which when outlives its functionality as a table can be turned into another household item – say a chair or a bookshelf, all with help of few twists of nuts and bolts (used to join several birch plywood units together). Made from birch plywood by Melle Koot – a design house in New Zealand, the Make-a-new-Collection comprises a table that can be retracted from lengths of 354 cm to 415 cm and 244 cm to 306 cms in length and width respectively.

Providing homeowners’ with the ultimate table design in one form with almost limitless freedom of possibilities, the Make-a-new-Collection can also be made available in various solid wood options including Magnolia, Beech, Platan, Linden and Birch Plywood.

Provided in Blood Red stain, Ice Blue stain and Twilight Black stain color options to choose from, Make-a-new-Collection is just perfect for any interiors, considering the fact that it can be switched between a table, chair or a bookshelf in no time.

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