Milieu Interacts with Your Bathroom

Milieu: Link between you and your bathroom for better bathing experience

When thinking about technology, a lot of hi-tech devices for kitchen, living room and bedroom comes to our mind, except bathroom. This area of your home has often remained untouched with technology, but why this section of home is neglected when it makes us feel fresh and relaxes our body while bathing? Not any more, as Spanish designer Fernando Montero has created the Milieu, technology that lets you interact with your bathroom for desired bath experience.

It is a circular device that can be attached near the shower or onto a bathtub to control temperature and water flow of shower for experiencing relaxing bath according to your desired preferences. It also comes with a display screen that shows temperature as well as water flow level on the device, it shows a smiling emoticon on the screen when all conditions within the bathroom are according to your preferences.

Another best thing about the device is that it can also sync with your smartphone via mobile app to let you enjoy soothing music while bathing. It is equipped with a voice-activated front microphone that allows you to attend important phone calls without getting out of the shower.

Moreover, it allows you to pre-schedule bath from anywhere, using your internet-connected smartphone. Now, you can directly enter into a hot shower to relax after whole day’s hectic work schedule. This is a revolutionary product that has brought an innovative way to form a link between you and your bathroom for experiencing refreshing shower every day.

Milieu Interacts with Your Bathroom

Milieu displaying temperature within bathroom

Milieu Interacts with Your Bathroom

Milieu comes with a supporting stand to attach it to bathtub

Credit: StudentShow

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