How to purify indoor air naturally and live healthy

How to purify indoor air naturally and live healthy

A clean home is a beautiful home. Well, that’s the notion which pushes us all to keep our homes clean indoors, as well as outdoors. But what about the air inside our homes? Have you ever wondered how important it is to keep it clean for healthy living? Well, in today’s times when pollution levels are rising, keeping the indoor air clean is paramount.

The air inside your home can be polluted due to any number of reasons. Air pollutants, dampness, smoke and gas contaminants can reduce the air quality in your homes, even though they are in small quantity. In fact, breathing impure air indoors can be 5-times more dangerous, resulting in allergies, asthma, and headaches.

Thankfully there are many ways by which you can enhance the air quality indoors, ensuring healthy haven for you and your family. Have a look at some of the most practical solutions to ensure that your indoor environment is free from pollutants at all times.

# Ventilation

It sounds apparent, but keeping your indoors properly ventilated solves half the battle. It reduces moisture level and regulates the concentration of harmful contaminants in the air. Most of the times the air can be contaminated while cooking in the kitchen. In fact, while preparing a meal on the gas, nitrogen dioxide gas is released which is considered harmful. Therefore, keeping your kitchen area free from any smoke is important. For this, you can open the windows, and have proper air ventilation systems installed.

Properly ventilated homes

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# Beeswax candle

This is a good way to eliminate toxic air in your home and diffuse a mild scented fragrance indoors. The beeswax candle contents ionize the air and neutralize the toxic content. These candles are also helpful for asthma patients as they get rid of common allergens from the air. Moreover, bees candles burn slower than traditional wax candles, meaning, they’ll stay for longer. Although the price is a bit higher than normal candles, it is worth every penny.

Beeswax candle to purify home interiors

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# Salt lamp

Another wise method to keep the indoor air clean naturally is to get a salt lamp. When the salt is crystallized by the heat of the bulb inside, it spreads negative ions which eliminate the pollutants in the air. The warm ambient light that salt lamp puts forth is also good for your sleep. So, in a way, it is a dual utility solution which not only keeps your indoor air clean but also helps you sleep better.

Salt lamp to purify home indoor air

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Salt lamp to purify home indoor air

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Salt lamp to purify home indoor air

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# Essential oils

Pure essential oils have been used since ages for their antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Good news is that they also act as potent air purifiers. Clinical studies have shown that in presence of essential oils – bacteria, virus, and fungi are not able to survive. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep essential oils like pine needle, cinnamon, thyme, eucalyptus, lemon, and grapefruit so that the indoor air is purified without you even moving a muscle.

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# Bamboo charcoal

Another good way to keep your home air clean is by using charcoal or bamboo charcoal. Known for its toxic absorbing qualitites, charcoal removes bacteria, pollutants and allergens without much fuzz. You just have to get some bamboo charcoal and put it inside an air purifying bag. Then you just place it in any location of your home, and the rest will be done naturally.

Bamboo charcoal to purify air

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Bamboo charcoal to purify air

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Bamboo charcoal to purify air

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# Houseplant

Another way to keep the air fresh indoors is by getting yourself houseplants which not only provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, but also remove harmful pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. A single houseplant can purify air to a radius of almost 100 square feet, meaning that you’ll have fresh air 24×7 in your house. The most common houseplants known for their air purifying qualities are Dragon Tree, Lady Palm, Golden Pothos, Peace Lily, Dracaena, Boston Fern, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, and Spider Plant.

houseplants to purify indoor home air

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houseplants to purify indoor home air

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houseplants to purify indoor air

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# Toxin absorbing paint

The walls of your home reflect your beliefs, and now they also reflect the air purity inside. Yes, there are wall paints which absorb pollutants like formaldehyde, foul smell, and other commonly known indoor pollutants. The new-age wall paints not only refresh indoor environment but also release a mild fragrance all thanks to their chemical-free properties.

Asian Paints is currently promoting their Royale Atmos wall paint under the campaign #CleanAirBeautifulHomes, and yes it is a pollutant absorbing wall paint which purifies the air inside your home.

So the next time you decide to paint your walls, go for a pollutant absorbing paint which not only smells good but also works as an air purifier to keep indoor air fresh and healthy.

air purifying wall paint

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