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Relax on These Artistic Deck Chairs Radiating Nature’s Ambiance

Summer is at its peak, and artists are at their best trying to create unique contraptions in this season. It’s a season of vibrant colors and source of inspiration for artists from different professions. Brighton-based artist Jacqueline Hammond has created a collection of deck chairs with prints carrying summer aesthetics keeping this season in mind. The collection was exhibited at Clerkenwell Design Week 2014, London and includes three major themes – Country Lane, Poppy, and Santa Fe Fields.


The designer was inspired by the beautiful landscapes and surrounding environment of her hometown. The design of ‘Santa Fe Fields’ chair is based on a scene at the Santa Fe hot springs near Granada Andalucia, Spain. Design of ‘Poppy’ themed deck chair has vibrant red-colored poppies blossoming all over the chair and seem to brighten up any outdoor space. The last theme is ‘Country Lane’ which depicts an atmospheric drive down a winding road from a coastal town in Devon.

Overall dimensions of these wooden deck chairs are about 24 x 42 x 39-inches making them perfect for any outdoor spaces like beaches, lawns, camping sites, etc. You can easily fold them and carry along with you to the outdoors.

All these chairs have a style of their own with original natural prints. Each chair of this collection is available online for £65 (approx. US $109).

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