BAST Cat Furniture

Stunning cat house inspired by Egyptian mythology

Cats might be the love of the internet, but they can be hard to handle at times. They like to have their own space, be alone at times, and scratch on whatever feels good. For people who love cats, a pet house is the main concern, and in modern times a pet house needs to look good. We’ve seen tons of cat houses so far, and they all serve some practical purpose. But the BAST Cat Furniture brought to life by Dafit Ashari is one step ahead of them all.

Designed by Studio Tropis in collaboration with Somia Design for 9 Lives Design Show at Singapore Design Week 2017, this cat house draws inspiration from Egyptian mythology. Combined with the deep study of cat behavior, the design is a true reflection of Bastet, Egyptian goddess having the head of a cat.

To portray the dual-sided nature (wild and tame) of cats, this cat house has two pyramids, with one being upside down. With the two pyramids giving structural shape to the cat furniture frame divided into three sections symbolizing past, present and future, the designer then added scratching elements.

Keeping in mind modern home design, the designer made it a point to make it as compact as possible. Also, lightweight materials have been used in the making to ensure easy portability around the house.

Colors used in this one of a kind cat house are also themed around the Egyptian mythology. The wooden color of pyramid cat house is retained, while black colored support elements and gold colored accent colors for geometry details complete the overall look.

It goes without saying that BAST Cat Furniture is designed keeping in mind interior décor, the needs of your feline and of course the ease of portability.

BAST Cat Furniture cat house

Inspired by Egyptian mythology

BAST Cat Furniture cat house

Compact and playful design for cats

BAST Cat Furniture cat house

Two upside down pyramids signifying cat’s dual behavior

BAST Cat Furniture cat house

Your is going to love this new home

BAST Cat Furniture cat house

Designed keeping in mind modern homes

BAST Cat Furniture cat house

Plenty of room for cat’s to enjoy

BAST Cat Furniture cat house

BAST Cat Furniture cat house designed for 9 Lives Design Show at Singapore Design Week 2017

Special thanks to Vany Vanessa for sharing the details with us!     Photography: Barnie Leow

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