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Symbiosis by Desnahemisfera

Symbiosis by Desnahemisfera is a bathtub with a built-in washbasin

Symbiosis by Desnahemisfera

We are really fascinated with multi-utility bathware, simply because one, it saves space and two, it is state-of-the-art. One amid many such ingenious creations is the Symbiosis – a bathtub built-in with a washbasin. Really innovative! Symbiosis, a harmony of bathtub and washbasin, has been created by Desnahemisfera design studio for Kerrock. The elegant unit combines two bathroom fixtures in such a way that the form completely adapts to the human body.

The most innovative thing about Symbiosis is that it conceals all the plumbing installations from sight, which are ideally a displeasing site in the bathroom, making the combo fixture a dignified item for the bathroom. In addition to the design uniqueness, the Symbiosis has a touch interface to control temperature and water pressure, and it also has built-in speakers which allow you to play your favorite music from any mobile device while bathing.

Via: Contemporist

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