Thonet Desk S 1200 organizes everything for you in a small home

thonet-S-1200 desk

Drawing inspiration from its previous collection of classic bauhaus furniture, Thonet has come up with a new desk that is perfect for small homes. Christened ‘S 1200’, this compact desk is simple yet functional. The desk is fashioned using a compact tubular steel frame and has been given a slanting shape so that it can easily fit into the smallest of living spaces.

Standing some 88 cm tall, 110 cm wide and 66.5 cm deep, the S 1200 comes with optional accessories to help you keep things around the desk in an organized manner, while the footrest provides a relaxed seating position. The desk has a metal panel that can behave as a multi-functional bookrest or magnetic memo board, while a cover for the compartment can be used as a pad for tablets. The protective sheet metal storage boxes are perfect to keep magazines, letters and pens.

thonet-S-1200 desk thonet-S-1200 desk thonet-S-1200 desk thonet-S-1200 desk

Via: Dexigner

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