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Totoyo outdoor seat rotates 360-degree to offer unobstructed views

Have you ever wondered why furniture is meant to stay in just one place? What if it could move and give you full 360-degree view of your surrounding? With the same thought, Mexican industrial design studio Victor Aleman has created a dynamic outdoor seat, dubbed Totoyo.

Inspired by a traditional Mexican toy called ‘Trompo,’ this circular seat rotates on its axis, allowing the user to have a complete 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings. The outdoor seat is produced by two main processes; first, the inner structure is made by a CNC router, whereas the second process involves a professional artisan working on the exterior surface to achieve the characteristic silhouette of the design.

This outdoor furniture piece seems to be ideal for any breathtaking location, where one wants to keep looking at the scenic beauty. Whether you want to have a panoramic view of the stars or keep looking at the stunning surrounding view, this seat is a must-have item that you need during your next expeditions.

Even resorts situated at beautiful locations can install this seat within their premises to let the tourists have the maximum surrounding view. Find out more about this unique seat on the design studio’s official website.


Totoyo outdoor seat by Victor Aleman


It rotates on its axis


It rotates to offer unobstructed view of the surrounding


Circular outdoor seating

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