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Touch of Breeze carpet controls fan using knitted sensors

the Touch of breeze by yen chen chang

For his degree project, Yen Chen Chang of Taiwan started knitting cable wires with an intention to represent aesthetic values of materials used in consumer electronics. While crafting his project, due to the resistance it offered, he turned his simple creation into conductive yarn. With this conductive yarn he formed knitted sensors and created a carpet that can control a connected fan whenever it is squeezed or pulled and named this project as Touch of Breeze.

the Touch of breeze by yen chen chang

Although, Chang  proceeded with his work to form a self supporting, stretchable and functional structure; he also noticed that the knitted structure, because of overused amount of electric cables, tend to possess little resistance. He then knitted even more flexible and conductive materials to form a conductive yarn, on stretching or pulling which becomes a knitted stretch sensor. He created a small rug using this conductive yarn, which also included metal fiber due to which the conductivity can be altered whenever the rug is pressed or pulled. Therefore, whenever the carpet is stroked, pulled or pressed, the sensor triggers the fan to blow out a gust of air.

the Touch of breeze by yen chen chang

Touch of Breeze is not the only project of this creative designer that makes use of the knitted sensors. Project Squeezy juicer and Tension lamp also make use of this material to demonstrate the functions of the textile sensors. All of his projects intend to give a new way to manage and interact with electronics. Watch the video below for more information.

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