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Transport Pod: Human charging cocoon is future of tranquil furniture

Transport Pod

Have you ever desired a place calm, safe and tranquil as the mother’s womb, wherein you could recharge yourself after a long day? Transport sleeping pod by designer Alberto Frias is what you’ve wanted. The egg-shaped Transport pod, made in handcrafted fiberglass and finished in shinny gel-like coat is where you can crawl in and enjoy the love of being in genuine peace and calm. The Transport Pod, capable of recharging the user for a new day, blocks up to 90 percent of outside noise and is decked with really comfortable large memory foam cushions atop a temperature-controlled waterbed.

Transport Pod

The Transport Pod measures 78 inches in diameter and about 42 inches high, and weighs almost 350 pounds. The cocoon comes fitted with color changing LED lights, which are mounted against its walls. Interestingly, you can either control the lights in the Pod manually or you can allow built-in biofeedback sensors, which read your heartbeats, to synchronize lighting to your mood. The $30,000 Transport Pod is also integrated with 80-watt four-speaker sound system, so you can relax to the tone of your choice played by any mobile device.

Transport Pod Transport Pod

Via: Hammacher

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