Wachshaus von Schneider is Collection of Handmade Wax Vessels

Dorothy Adeline and Jennifer Helen are two sisters from Cleveland who worked together to start ‘Wachshaus von Schneider’ with a collection of handmade vessels made from leftover beewax candle stubs. Both sisters are inspired by artisanal works of their mother, so they entirely devote the design firm to her. They have utilized their fine arts background and other experiences with their mother in sculpting wax vessels that can be used to decorative succulents pots at homes.

Initially, both sisters lived in different cities, but in 2014 Helen returned to Cleveland from Germany, and thereafter they began crafting something useful from candle waste. They have much love for nature, and its influence is truly visible in texture of the wax vessels which is made possible using leaves and herbs. Dott says that working with wax brings back old memories.

For making each piece, balloons are dipped into crock pots of beewax until it takes a basic shape. Then balloons are popped and the product is finalized by hand, using encaustics for different color combinations. According to varied forms, all the pieces are either used to grow small plants or decked with LED light for a warm glow in homes.

There are many possibilities of usage such as Helen stuffed a sock to use it as stylish pincushion, or one can also use them to hold incense sticks. They also participate in various events organized in the region and their business is growing steadily. These wax vessels or planters are an amazing centerpiece for rooms and they can be purchased for $30 at Etsy.







wachshaus-von-schneider-is-collection-of-handmade-mini-wax-vessels  Via: Cleveland

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