Ancient Building Restored as Boutique Hotel With Modern Features 

By: Happy Jasta

This unique building in Abastumani, Georgia blends modern and traditional architecture styles

Conceptualized by Darejan Shatashvili, this one is built on the ruins of a 19th century stone building

Understanding the historical significance of the site, the designer has decided to preserve some parts of the ruins

The boutique hotel has four guest rooms spread across two floors

One side of the building features a lounge with stained glass windows facing the forest, while the other side hosts a common dining room

The concept of integrating a modern glass structure into the existing stone building ruins creates a picturesque accommodation while giving a second life to the old structure

To deal with heavy snowfall in the region, the cabin employs a special electric field within the frame of the glass roof that can generate heat to melt snow accumulation

The creation is a winner of A’ Design Award 2024