3D-Printed House in Kazakhstan can Handle Earthquake of Magnitude 7  


Happy Jasta  ·  11 June,  2024

BM Partners has built Central Asia's first 3D printed house in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Built with extra-strong concrete typically used for skyscrapers and bridges, the building can withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale

The 100 m2 building was constructed in less than two months while the walls were 3D printed in just five days

Furthermore, installing a seismic beam belt took two days

BM Partners used a concrete mix with a compression strength of almost 60 MPa (8500 PSI) for 3D printing the structure

The building also contains expanded polystyrene concrete for insulation in order to handle the extreme temperature changes

The 3D printed building will serve as a showroom to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of modern construction technology