The Best And The Most Interesting Custom Tiny Houses by Acorn Tiny Homes, Canada

Paddock Paradise Tiny House

$230,000 tiny house on wheels measures 38 feet long and 10.6 feet wide. Featuring wood-framed construction with spray-foamed insulation, it has 13 windows, gas fireplace, huge kitchen with integrated storage. 

Paddock Paradise

Pine Needle Tiny House

$198,000 tiny home is 32 feet long and 10.6 feet wide designed for a client willing to live rent-free with her dog. A dog crate is built into the kitchen island. The raised living room platform includes 4-foot deep drawer both inside and outside, creating an additional storage.

Pine Needle

Purple Heart Manor Tiny House

Measuring 43 feet long and 10.5 feet wide, the tiny house is inspired by the client’s love of medieval literature, color purple, and her cat. Its W roof line allows improved rainwater collection. $370,000 home has a catio in the loft and a spa bathroom with tub and rain fall shower.

Purple Heart Manor

True North Retreat Tiny House

$258,000 home measures 38 feet long and 10.6 feet wide. It has 19 triple-glazed, energy-efficient windows, built in BBQ station with grill, and optional solar system for a fully off-grid package.

True North Retreat

Sherloak Homes Tiny House

Provided with all necessary appliances and furniture, this two-loft tiny house has main floor bedroom hidden behind a bookshelf door. Fitted with a flushable and waterless toilet, the $180,000 tiny house also features 420 L freshwater storage tanks.

Sherloak Homes