10 Tiny houses with porch for the magic of outdoor living

This park model tiny home measuring 13x47 feet, has one bedroom and one bath. Interestingly, it has dual porches on two sides. One of which is directly accessible from the bedroom. 


Maddox by Tiny Life Homes

This 8x20 feet tiny home has a small covered porch on the entrance. This outdoor space can accommodate two chairs.  

Chickadee by Tiny Homes of Maine

This 240 square-feet tiny home has a cozy porch with space for up to two chairs and a table. There is one main-floor bedroom and a loft for additional room inside.  

Cascade Tiny by West Coast Homes

The key highlight of this 8.6x24 feet tiny home is a small entrance porch with roof. The space is essentially small. Perhaps a single person can stand here. Inside, there are two lofts and a bathroom.

The Blue by Great Lakes Tiny Homes

This 19.6 feet long tiny house comes with a covered terrace that provides a place to enjoy the sun or stars! There is one loft for sleeping. 

Langenberg by Berghaus Tiny Homes

This 10x30 feet long tiny house features a cool manor style design. It comes with a small covered porch that also serves as the entrance. 

Porchlight Manor by Hideaway Tiny Homes

This farmhouse-style tiny house with dark windows, craftsman trim, and various siding details, includes a small porch with railing.

Villa Mini by  Tru Form Tiny

This 8x 19.6 feet tiny house features a classic design with stylish color combination. It comes with a porch for outdoor living and entertainment. 

Bumblebee by Tiny Wunder House

It is a 400 square-feet modular tiny house with full kitchen, spacious living room, bathroom, and downstairs bedroom. The covered porch in the front enhances the usability.  

Sycamore by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

This 19.6 feet tiny house has a porch with a small bench that also provides a covered entrance for visitors. The living room has a two-seater sofa next to the wood stove while a ladder is used to access loft bedrooms. 

Holz Hisla by Baluchon