This Off-Road Camper Trailer Can be Towed Behind a Car, ATV or Snowmobile 


Happy Jasta  ·  20 April,  2024

Quebec-based Genimax, known for ultra-light trailers has released HR model with off-road capabilities

 It has a 37-degree departure angle and axle-less suspension  with 1200 lbs capacity

Measuring less than 9-feet long, Genimax HR trailer weighs only 375 lbs and can be towed with an ATV

The tiny trailer is configurable with various equipment and accessories like side rails for extra storage and a set of skis to tow it behind a snowmobile

There is even a rooftop tent add-on that can sleep two adults and a child

The kitchen and sink modules can also be added as per the needs

Genimax HR trailer’s monocoque frame is built from aluminum and the shell from composite materials

Pricing of the rig starts from $8,495 which is on the budget-friendly side