Corny Jackie With A Scary Gourd Look

Image: Antonis Achilleos

Eye See You Pumpkin Carving by Michael Brown

Image: Michael Brown

Widowmaker Skull  Pumpkin

Image: Villafane Studios

Sleeping Pumpkin by Ray Villafane

Image: Villafane Studios

Adorable Dog-O-Lantern for Pet Lovers

Image: Imgur

Happy Haunters Pumpkins for a Funny Halloween Celebration 

Image: Antonis Achilleos

Frankenstein Pumpkin by Jonathon Barwood

Image: Jonathon Barwood

Unique Pumpkin Carving by The Sculpture Geeek

Image: The Sculpture Geeek

Zombie Hand Pumpkin Carving by Andy Bergholtz

Image: Andy Bergholtz

Comic Pumpkin Carving by Dever Customs

Image: Dever Customs