A sizeable triple-story living space for a family of four.

Aesthetic luxury never got better with all basic amenities and a whole lot more.

The luxury caravans have lavish bedrooms, living rooms, spacious kitchens and some even flaunt rooftop terraces.

Unlike conventional camper trailers, these caravans have ample space as a luxury.

Well lit and open airy feeling dominates the interiors.

Vertically stacked configuration embraces nomadic lifestyle with new ways of sustainable living.

Luxe mansions in a deserted backdrop signifying the spirit of adventure and travel.

Wondering how to get from one level to the other?

We guess there are small stairs in the rear or around the corners

Hope those wheels and chassis can take the weight of the structure!

Caravan Concepts  By Ulises Design Studio

The Berlin-based Ulises Design  has created hyper-realistic worlds using the popular AI design tool Midjourney as a part of the series “Kinetic Kingdoms” set in a desert landscape.  The multi-decker caravans are lluxe mansions in a stacked vertical configuration. All basic amenities and the dose of aesthetic luxury are apparent in these RVs.