Nike ISPA Metamorph Poncho Becomes a Small Tent for Sunshade


Happy Jasta  ·  20 May,  2024

Sportswear brand Nike has launched Metamorph Poncho from its ISPA collection focused on innovative and multifunctional design

Following the ethos, this hybrid outdoor gear transforms from a protective poncho into a small tent

The oversized raincoat comes in a single size to fit everyone

Metamorph Poncho's white-grey color combo looks apt for sun protection

The raincoat is long and includes a cap

Poncho tent looks spacious enough to function as a sunshade for two people

Collapsible poles are used to pitch the small tent for sun protection

The vent cover serves as a carrying bag for the poncho and poles

Reinforced with zippers and plastic buckles

Crafted from thin layers of recycled fibers, the product is water-repellent

The dual purpose outdoor gear can be purchased for $600 right now!