These furniture designs are a way to communicate and share feelings with your pet and show how much you love  and care.

Designer: Seungji Mun

Dog House Sofa

Image: Seungji Mun

Designer: Dinos

Cat Hole Dining Table

Image: Dinos

Designer: Deesawat

PET Modular Sofa

Image: Deesawat

Designer: Seungji Mun

Cat Tunnel Sofa

Image: Seungji Mun

Designer: Mono

Mono Modular Shelf

Image: Mono

Designer: Zhe Gao

Sharing Joy Chair

Image: A' Design Award

Designer: Modernist Cat

Mid-Century Side Table

Image: Dog is God

Designer: Emily Wettstein

Cat Grass Table

Image: Emily Wettstein

Designer: Tuft + Paw

Rifiuti Litter Box+Side Table

Image: Tuft + Paw

Designer: Paul Kweton

Rocking 2-Gether Chair

Image: Paul Kweton

Designer: LYCS Architecture


Image: LYCS Architecture