Pumpkin-Themed Tiny Home Rental in Croatia will Fulfill Your Fairytale Dreams 

City homes, no matter how high, just cannot be compared to tiny homes; especially when you stumble upon a pumpkin-shaped gem like this one in Krka Fairytale village in Rupe, Croatia

Surrounded by nature, this beautiful tiny house, just like you’d see in a Disney movie will fulfill your childhood fairytale dreams

Miniature figurines are placed around the garden surrounding the rental

A wishing well made of stones is built nearby

An outdoor kitchen and dining area for preparing spooky foods and relishing experience unparalleled

Keep kids entertained in the play area comprising wooden slide

Mini kitchenette indoors for a cozy cooking night

Open interior layout

Two comfy sleeping areas

Ladder to the loft

Bathroom with shower and toilet

You can rent the Krka Magic Pumpkin at Airbnb for about $300 a night