Madeiguincho’s 5 Tiny Houses With Slatted Facades

Happy Jasta  ·  1 July,  2024

Tiny Houses

Ursa Tiny House


Unique aspect of the tiny house is its exterior having a primary steel frame overlapped with a wooden frame. There is space for eating, sleeping, bathing, working, and socializing within 17.5sqm. The loft bedroom lies next to a large U-shaped window.

Meco Tiny House


Designed for a family with kids, this 24sqm tiny house has two private bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is elevated from the ground to create space for the off-grid setup, accessible from outside. There is also a kitchen and office area, a walk-in closet with a wash basin, and a small bathtub room.

Raposa Tiny House


Built on a 7m trailer, this tiny house on wheels is designed for two retirees craving a minimalist yet comfortable lifestyle. Inside, there is a cozy living room area with fireplace, kitchen, loft bedroom and bathroom on one side. There are two skylights bringing in loads of natural light.

Vigia Tiny House


Standing on a 7m long double-axle trailer, this tiny house features an all-wood exterior finish just like other designs by the builder. There are big windows on all sides but shutters are added for blocking sunlight. The deck provides enough space for outdoor living.

Pego Tiny House


Following the self-sustainable approach of the builder, this 17.5sqm tiny house on wheels, designed for two artists, features solar panels and batteries for electricity, as well as a rainwater collection system. There is a combined living room and kitchen, loft bedroom and a bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.